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$50 per family

Thirty Min per week: $60 per month
Forty Five Min per week: $70 per month
One hour a week: $80 per month
One and a half hours per week: $95 per month
Two hours a week:$110 per month
Three hours a week: $140 per month
Four hours a week: $175 per month

*For company fees, or auditions please contact the director, 912-257-8182

Tuition is the total cost for the year, divided by our hourly price, which we have separated conveniently into 10 equal installments each month. We utilize an automated billing system for all payments. Each account holder must provide the studio with a debit or credit card that we bill tuition to on the first day of each month. Holidays, and school closings have already been factored into your total yearly cost. For additional information, please visit our FAQ page.

Tuition is due by the 1st of each month. All accounts will be auto drafted by the 1st unless you choose to pay by cash or check before the due date. A $25 NSF fee will be added to any account un-paid by the 1st (this includes declined cards, expired card dates, and checks paid with insufficient funds.. Your ability to participate in classes or performances will be restricted if your tuition account is not kept current. Accounts unpaid, and un-attended will be sent to collection after 60 days.

*Tuition does not include costume(s) or your recital participation fee. Participation in our end of the year recital is not mandatory.*

A fee will be added to all participating student accounts for the end of season production. As a reminder, participation in the years end show is NOT mandatory. One payment of $60 will be added to each account March 15th. This fee includes; your dress rehearsal for the Lucas Theatre for the Arts, costume tights, a production T-shirt, and recital program.

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