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Our 3 year old star is born program (one hour) is designed to provide our young students with a basic foundation of dance skills by incorporating creative movement and dance technique. Your child will develop fundamental motor skills including rhythm, coordination, balance and flexibility. Our program will teach your child to follow directions, learn how to share and take turns, while improving their memorization and attention span. This class has a strong ballet base but is taught as a combination for the short attention spans of our young students. Ballet, tap, and jazz technique are taught. This class begins with circle time.

Our 4-5 year old star is born program (one hour) combines ballet, tap and jazz to provide your child a well-rounded beginning in dance. Your child will learn basic ballet technique, including barre, center floor, and basic ballet positions. Tap will develop rhythm and musicality while learning basic tap technique. Jazz dance is also introduced, which will focus on strength, technique, sharpness and terminology.

BALLET: (One to 1.5 hours)
A technique A Class Act Dance Center is known for! Ballet is the foundation for many other dance forms, such as jazz, tap, contemporary etc. Ballet teaches alignment, placement, balance and elegance. Our pre- professional ballet program is based on the cecehetti method while incorporating other styles once in a while. This class consists of barre, center floor, adagio, allegro and progressions, while developing grace and poise. As always, terminology and proper technical execution are the primary focus of your child’s dance training at ACADC. This class is recommended as a foundation for all students.

POINTE: (One hour)
Pointe is offered to those students who have mastered the knowledge and technique of ballet and are ready for the next level. Pointe work at ACADC is never based in age or length of time dancing but rather ability and readiness which will be assessed by our professional knowledgeable staff. Students must be enrolled in two or more ballet lessons to take pointe.

Modern is a form of dance that relies on movement that is more natural and organic for the body. In this class, students will explore the techniques of Martha Graham, Lester Horton, and Merce Cunningham. Dancers in this class will experiment with movement principals such as fall and recovery, contraction and release and lateral movement. The students will begin to push the limits of their techniques by discovering new ways to explore movement through experimentation and creation each class. This is one of our most popular styles.

TAP/JAZZ: (One hour)
Jazz classes include a center floor warm-up including isolations and exercises that build strength and develop technique, progressions and a focus on jumps and turns, and dance combinations that consist of classical, musical theatre or some of our unique choreography.

Our tap program is offered to all ages and levels. It may include barre', center floor, progressions, turns, rhythms and dance combinations.Several tap styles are taught, including using accurate feet and arm placement, and the hottest trends using intricate rhythms and speed.Terminology is taught at all levels, while continually increasing technical skills.

ACRO: (One hour)
Acro is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic/gymnastic elements. It is a popular dance style in professional dance theater, and in contemporary productions such as those by Cirque du solei. It is one of the most favored classes at ACADC as it bridges the gap between dance and gymnastic enthusiasts.

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